MTA Templates

The UBMTA was designed for the transfer of biological materials such as antibodies, cell lines, and proteins, and should be used when possible. However, the UBMTA may not be the best fit for transferring other types of materials such as chemicals, and biological materials which may need special consideration, such as stem cells and human tissues. Therefore, using the UBMTA as a starting point to build on familiar terms, an AUTM team has developed material-specific templates for use in transferring a variety of other materials. Further, references to US law and agencies have been broadened to allow for use by non-US institutions. In addition, recognizing special circumstances universities may face and the fact that the UBMTA was not designed to be readily modified to fit such special circumstances, these templates incorporate, as optional terms, common uniform additional terms, as well as an option to add custom terms. Customization works against the gains in efficiency and speed realized by using standard agreements, especially when added terms may not be generally acceptable to other institutions; this option should be used rarely and only when necessary. The Guiding Principles should be used as a measure for weighing whether additional terms are appropriate and generally acceptable.


MTA for Biological Materials

MTA for Chemical Materials

MTA for Genetically Modified Organisms 

MTA for Human Tissues