MTA Information

National Institutes of Health Transfer Agreement Dashboard

Transfer Agreement Dashboard (TAD) is a system hosted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to facilitate the completion and tracking of Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) for materials transferred in and out of the NIH. The NIH initiated the TAD project in response to the growing number of MTAs between institutions. The TAD system will automate and simplify the MTA management process.

A party interested in requesting a material must contact the material provider directly before initiating an MTA in TAD. TAD does not provide a catalogue of available materials. Users have the option of using NIH MTA templates. TAD automatically generates the agreement document based on the template chosen without the need to upload these standard agreements to the system. Users may also complete and upload the AUTM Model Agreements.

The TAD system allows Investigators and technology transfer staff access to up-to-date information regarding MTA status, and who they should contact if they have questions at any stage. Alerts are sent to the parties involved in an MTA at different stages of the process to keep them updated, and to let them know if further action is required.

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Additional Resources

Several organizations have published information on MTAs. The Council on Governmental Relations published an informative guide in 2003. The University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) convened by the US National Academies, has developed guidelines for terms in MTAs between universities and industry and part of their Contract Accords publication.

A very useful overview of terms in standard MTAs and the benefits of using model agreements is provided in a presentation delivered at the 2011 AUTM National Meeting.