Professional Designations

The definition of a profession is an occupation, practice or vocation requiring mastery of a complex set of knowledge and skills through formal education and practical experience. Evidence of such mastery of skills is often provided with a formal designation that is typically reflected on an individual’s business card. Like other professions, the profession of technology transfer requires a core set of competencies regardless of your role in moving research discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace.

In 2010, AUTM leaders collaborated with leading technology transfer organizations around the world to create The Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP). Together representatives from these organizations worked to established the Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP) credential. The goal is to provide a process whereby whether you work in technology transfer or knowledge transfer, you can be recognized as a skilled professional with proven expertise. There are three routes to registration depending upon your level of expertise. For more information, view AUTM's webinar RTTP: A Career Development Opportunity. To learn about the next application deadline and how to apply, visit the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals website

Many technology transfer professionals who are primarily focused on the multi-disciplinary aspects of licensing have also chosen to become Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP). The goal of the CLP program is to elevate the entire profession through knowledge and standards. Once certified, individuals must renew every three years to keep the credential active so CLP certification can truly be utilized as a framework for professional development. Visit to learn more about the exam, testing windows, preparation tips, testimonials from employers and current CLPs, and more. 

Earning either credential showcases your enhanced qualifications, experience and commitment to professional growth, and positions you as a leader among colleagues and employers. Take the first step today toward earning your credentials.