AUTM Programs and Services for Your Country


Since its inception, the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) has been a leader in the technology transfer profession, providing practitioners with networking, education and professional development opportunities, advocating on behalf of the profession, and providing key metrics and other benchmarking data. 

AUTM is positioned to offer essential training and support to technology transfer professionals at all career levels and to developing organizations worldwide. AUTM has a proven track record of delivering professional development training and support. AUTM is the premier organization offering support for the globalization of startup initiatives worldwide.

AUTM offers a full complement of technology transfer training:
  • In person courses
  • Online training
  • Regional training workshops
  • Customized international professional development programs
  • Fellowship programs

AUTM has full time staff dedicated to professional development programs and has an extensive list of experienced faculty available for training.

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International Training Opportunities

If you are interested in AUTM's customized training and expertise, complete this application or contact AUTM at or +1-847-559-0846.