Careers and Training

Advance your career through AUTM's webinars and in-person courses. Set yourself apart and demonstrate your commitment to the technology transfer profession by earning professional certification. If you're hiring or thinking about your next career move, visit the AUTM Career Center. Learn more.

Research, Surveys and Databases

AUTM is the leader in gathering and reporting detailed information about technology transfer. Each year the AUTM Licensing Activity Survey reports licensing income, number of startups and more. The biennial AUTM Salary Survey assesses compensation for 10 common professional positions. Statistics Analysis for Technology Transfer (STATT) is a searchable database with more than 20 years of licensing statistics. AUTM Transactional Academic Comparables Tracking (TransACT) Database provides a comprehensive database of transactional terms and conditions for fair market value and alternative pricing and deal structures. Learn more.

Technology Transfer Best Practices

The AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual is utterly indispensable for any size academic office and any company looking to understand the way universities do business. The TTP Manual offers the collective knowledge of the best and brightest practitioners in the field of academic technology transfer. Learn more.

Listing and Finding Technologies Available for Licensing

Easily find the latest university technologies available for licensing worldwide at AUTM's Global Technology Portal (GTP). Learn more.

Find Material Transfer Agreements

Use AUTM's MTA Toolkit to find the material transfer agreement (MTA) that addresses issues such as ownership of the transferred material and of modifications and derivatives made by the recipient, limits on the use and further dissemination of the material by the recipient, publication rights and confidentiality, and rights to inventions and research results. Learn more.