Mentorship Program

The AUTM Mentorship Program is an opportunity for early-stage and mid-career professionals with a thirst for knowledge to establish one-on-one relationships with experts in the industry in an effort to transfer knowledge of University technology management, exchange ideas, and encourage professional development. There is no cost to participate in the program. Mentees and mentors must commit to at least 1 hour per month for a telephone call, and complete a survey at the conclusion of the program.

Why Be a Mentee? A Relationship with a Professional Mentor Can Offer You:
  • Exposure to different experiences and different ways of thinking. Our profession is complex and constantly changing, and there are often multiple approaches to tackling problems and challenges.
  • Guidance on how to grow and advance your career in academic technology commercialization from someone who has been in your shoes.
  • A sounding board and a “reality check” for your approaches to dealing with career situations and challenges.
  • An opportunity to grow your professional network through your mentor and their professional connections. Experienced people know other experienced people.
  • Enhancement of your professional skill set by learning from your mentor.
Program criteria and application can be found here.