Running Effective Internship Programs – Clear Expectations

Date: October, 20 2016 (Thursday)
Time: Noon – 1:30 p.m. EST
Location: Online 

Presenters: Leza Besemann, University of Minnesota 
                     Sara Dagen, University of Florida
                     Carol Grutkoski, University of Minnesota
                     Katherine Moynihan, IURTC

Who Should Attend

This webinar will be ideal for all levels of technology transfer professionals who are interested in improving or beginning an internship program.

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Interns can be a valuable asset to the technology transfer office, but who do you hire? How do you train them? How you use them determines just how valuable that asset can be. To run an effective internship program, you must know what you want and expect – and you must communicate those expectations to your interns clearly. What tasks in your office might be handled by interns in such a way  to make your workload lighter but also add to their education and understanding of the technology transfer industry? Whether you are considering beginning an internship program or are in the throes of managing one, this webinar will offer you the tips and tools for creating a successful program or making yours even better!

Attendees Will Learn...

  • How to determine if an internship program is right for an office and how to design the program accordingly (types of tasks/positions, time commitments, ideal start and end dates, in-office vs. working remotely)
  • What types of students to target, how to reach potential interns, how to find the right ones and then hire them, and how best to reward them? (course credit, how much to pay?)
  • Varying roles interns can play in the technology transfer office – or moving interns through a series of positions/tasks for a more comprehensive technology transfer experience— or offering advanced internship positions for those who extend their internship and demonstrate higher skill levels
  • Best practices for training interns, giving clear expectations and offering feedback and evaluations
  • Where interns go when they leave an office and what they take with them and what they leave behind

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Did You Know…

AUTM offers recorded versions of our distance education programs? The recording of this webinar will be available online and free to all registrants within 30 days of the live event.


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