Change is in the air...


It’s been 30 years since AUTM explored how its brand represents its members. A lot has happened in those three decades. So, we believe that it is time to modernize and refine our visual identity. Not change for the sake of changing, but a positive shift to represent the evolution of our industry and profession for our more than 3,100 members worldwide. 

After a year of research and discussion about who we are, and how best to support a diverse group of professionals in a changing technology transfer landscape, we’re excited to share our new look with you.

What is it?

  • Our members drive the innovation economy, so AUTM’s new hue is orange, a globally recognized color of innovation. 
  • Going forward, we’re sporting lowercase for the collegial, friendly vibe we all feel being part of our great Association community. 
  • Goodbye little, yellow arrow. Our new mark is a “radar,” which signals both the broadcast of technologies for the benefit of humankind, and the building blocks that help our members transform ideas into opportunities.  That catchy phrase, as it happens, is our new tagline. Use it often!
  • Our members have helped build the legacy of AUTM as a global leader in technology transfer. We strongly believe that a more inclusive AUTM no longer needs the words “University Technology Managers,” which separates us from so many of our members. AUTM is who we all are. And that matters.

Together, the visual changes, coupled with refined messaging and programs will only strengthen the Association that you know very well. And if the Association is strong, we are positioned to help you achieve success. That’s our mission.

When you connect with your AUTM colleagues over the next several months you’ll start to see the new logo appearing on social media and Association emails. Our transition will culminate this Fall with the launch of AUTM’s new website, another project designed to make AUTM better for everyone.

So, stay tuned. We’ll be sharing more details shortly.