Graham Morton, RTTP 
+61 (0) 419 58 1114 (Australia)
+1 415 424 4665 (USA)

Term: Three Years

Reported to by: Audit Committee, Bylaws Committee, Finance Committee, and other special purpose task forces and committees as approved by the Board.

Description: The Treasurer shall oversee the collection of dues, receipt of all monies and other assets belonging to the Association, disbursement of same reasonably within the budget approved by the Board, and make a full written report of accounts at each meeting of the Board and at the Annual Meeting. The Treasurer shall oversee maintenance of accurate and current books of account of the Association. In the absence or unavailability of the Treasurer, the President may act in the Treasurer’s stead. At the discretion of the Board, but no less frequently than once per year, the Association’s books of account shall be audited by an independent auditor, retained by the Board, at the expense of the Association. Audit results will be distributed to the Board upon completion. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing an annual budget for the coming year for review and approval by the Board before the start of the fiscal year.

The Treasurer shall carry out the duties of, and be designated as, the Secretary as may be required by the Articles of Incorporation. Furthermore, the Treasurer, with the assistance of the Board, shall see that a record is made and maintained of the proceedings of the Association and the meetings of the Board, and shall oversee that each member of the Board is provided with a written copy of the minutes of all meetings no longer than 30 days after the meeting. These records shall be open to inspection by any member at all reasonable times for any proper purpose in accordance with the requirements of the Connecticut Nonstock Corporation Act. Revise bylaws as proposed by the Bylaws committee and approved by the Board. The Board shall have custody of the minute books and Bylaws.

Mission: Ensure the financial health of the organization through financial management and ensure compliance with regulatory and government agencies. Maintain AUTM Bylaws, oversee Bylaw amendment procedures, and ensure that AUTM policies, procedures and operations are in compliance with the Bylaws.

Treasurer's Responsibilities:

  • Appoint Chair’s as necessary. Propose annual budget with special attention to the trends of AUTM and addition of new or special projects, as well as suggest the consolidation or elimination of ineffective projects.
  • Evaluate the financial impact of new projects on the budget.
  • Guide the development and implementation of AUTM’s financial policies.
  • Review monthly financial statements prepared by the staff accountant for accuracy and to ensure AUTM is adhering to the annual budget.
  • Sign contracts as approved by the Board to facilitate budget, bank accounts and investment accounts.
  • Track AUTM’s spending to ensure that AUTM is reasonably within budget and propose budget modifications to the Board as necessary.
  • Review invoices and sign and return checks to AUTM Headquarters immediately as dictated by AUTM’s check-signing policy.
  • Monitor AUTM’s activities to determine if AUTM is engaged in any activities that may affect tax liability and budget accordingly.
  • Monitor AUTM’s investments to ensure that AUTM’s investments are always in reasonable investment vehicles consistent with general Board-approved investment guidelines.
  • Ensure that AUTM is audited by an external agency in accordance with the AUTM Bylaws.
  • Assure appropriate membership oversight of AUTM’s financial processes on an ongoing basis.
  • Present a financial summary to AUTM members at the Annual Business Meeting.
  • Create and maintain a leadership pipeline of volunteers capable of fulfilling the duties of the Treasurer.
  • Oversee work of the Audit Committee and Finance Committee, meeting at least twice annually to discuss alternatives for AUTM investments and any changes in financial policies or procedures that may be required in order to make recommendations to the Board.
  • Serve as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Work with the Bylaws Committee to maintain and recommend changes to the Bylaws.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


  • Must be a member in good standing.
  • Must have a minimum of five years as an active AUTM member.
  • Must have a demonstrated background in finance, budget management and investments.
  • Must be able to devote approximately two hours per week to AUTM activities and five hours per week for a two-month period when the budget is being prepared.


  • Served on AUTM’s Finance committee and participated in design and delivery of AUTM programming.
  • MBA, Accounting or similar business degree; or demonstrated expertise in financial management and planning.
  • Demonstrated experience overseeing finances for an organization.