Boardroom Bound Webinar Recording
Recorded 2/28/17
Sponsored by the AUTM and the AUTM Women Inventors Committee

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to participate on a corporate or scientific advisory board?
This is an elusive subject to many, but it particularly affects women. Women hold just a small number of board seats (both Corporate and Scientific Advisory Boards). In 2015, the 2020 Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index of Fortune 1000 companies showed that 17.9% of corporate directors were women. That number drops to 10% for biotech companies. These numbers are disproportional when you consider that women comprise about half of the total U.S. workforce, hold half of all management positions, and are responsible for almost 80% of all consumer spending.  Another longitudinal study (edited language here) including 500 companies, suggested that  the percentage of women on SABs never exceeded 10.2% (see “Inequality on board”).In the meantime overwhelming evidence from various sources states that companies with more diversity at the highest levels see a higher return on investment overall. (Catalyst report “Why Diversity Matters” [2013]).  This webinar will review best practices, existing programs and other efforts to demystify this process.

Carolyn Brougham
Northwestern University
Lisa Earnhardt
President and CEO
Intersect ENT
Amy Paller
Walter J Hamlin Chair and Professor of Dermatology & Pediatrics
Northwestern University
Catherine Sazdanoff
Chief Business Officer
Strata Oncology, Inc. 

Boardroom Bound: Efforts to bring more women into biomed industry's top ranks
Article by Shraddha Chakradhar
From Nature Medicine, February 2017
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