Synergistic Organizations


The Synergistic Organization subcommittee of the AUTM WIC is focused on connecting with organizations working with women in innovation.  The Synergistic Committee is currently implementing several outreach initiatives to help gather ideas and share resources with our members and other interested parties. 

Specific goals and tasks are:
Establish regular relationships with key partners. The subcommittee members liaison with organizations to establish good communications and help promote mutually beneficial awareness of synergistic efforts.  
Share items of interest and events of synergistic organizations with AUTM members (e.g. Women in BIO) and use our connections to share our events/resources/etc. with other organizations.  The Synergistic Committee will develop regular postings to both the AUTM WIC website and the AUTM WIC LinkedIn group to share information and updates about key partners. 
Continue to identify and interview groups with an innovation focus. This helps us gather resources to share with members, identify gaps, and spread the name recognition of AUTM as a leader in this area.

Call to action: The Synergistic committee is continually growing its network, so please do let us know if you have any suggestions for synergistic organizations we should be connecting with!

Synergistic Organizations Subcommittee Chair
Jennifer Gottwald, PhD, CLP
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation - WARF