Annual Meeting WIC SIG


AUTM Women Inventors Committee SIG 2016

The AUTM Women Inventors Committee hosted a special interest group session at the AUTM 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego. The WIC Barriers Subcommittee Report was presented by Linda Suzu Kawano. Download the report for a summary of the committee's accomplishments the past year and the many resources available through the AUTM Women Inventors Committee.


AUTM Women Inventors Committee SIG 2015

The AUTM Women Inventors Committee held a SIG at the AUTM Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Research shows that from a young age girls are marginalized in STEM activities and cultural and societal stereotypes reinforce this phenomenon. This contributes to lower engagement of girls in STEM at a fairly early age, and results in women wrestling with issues of self-confidence and efficacy in STEM disciplines. We believe this is also a major factor behind the low percentage of female participation at all phases of the technology commercialization spectrum. AUTM members are well-positioned to address opportunities to increase female participation and make a positive impact. Hear what you missed at the AUTM 2015 Annual Meeting