AUTM Women Inventors Committee (WIC)


To engage more women in the technology commercialization process. Due to AUTM's expertise in technology transfer, we are predominantly focused on the role of the inventor.

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About WIC
The AUTM Women Inventors Committee (WIC) recognizes that the creation and transfer of research discoveries and knowledge from academic research into the marketplace is recognized globally as paramount to building and sustaining a robust and innovative world economy. The professionals who work across continents to facilitate this transfer are as diverse as the cultures they represent. They do, however, all share one common challenge --they all face a lack of women participating in several aspects of the process. Women have specific strengths that need to be leveraged, but have been long ignored.
As the global economy regenerates, it is more important than ever before that we develop creative approaches for getting more women involved in the process at every level. From idea generation through research & discovery to patenting and ultimately licensing to new and established companies, we must establish new programs that ensure women are taking an active role.
Our committee is a group of volunteers passionate about generating ideas and implementing changes to increase the participation of women in innovation. Because of AUTM's worldwide recognition, we have the potential to implement changes that will empower more women to participate and take leadership roles in all stages of transferring new discoveries to the market. While this has the potential to encompass a very broad spectrum of activities, we focus on those activities wherein because of AUTM member's core knowledge and strengths, we are uniquely suited to affect change.
The AUTM WIC is comprised of three subcommittees: 


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Corporate and Scientific Advisory Boards hold only a small number of women. This FREE webinar highlights why it’s important to include women and what it takes to diversify at the highest levels.

View Gender in the Global Research Landscape Webinar - Elsevier recently released a comprehensive report on research performance through a gender lens, called Gender in the Global Research Landscape. This global study draws upon data and analytics, a unique gender disambiguation methodology, and involvement of global experts to provide powerful insight and guidance on gender equality policy for governments, funders and institutions worldwide. Join one of the report's authors, Holly Falk-Krzesinski, to discuss the findings of the report and institutional actions to advance gender balance in research. This FREE webinar is sponsored by the AUTM Womens Inventor Committee (WIC).

Our History
AUTM formed a Women Inventors Task Force in 2011 in response to press/studies/observations that our members see disproportionately fewer women inventors and entrepreneurs

The more permanent AUTM Women Inventors Committee ramped up in 2013 and currently has active members from tech transfer offices, law firms, consulting groups, and other organizations that share our goal of increasing women’s participation in all aspects of innovation.

Share Your Expertise

The AUTM WIC is compiling a list of speakers as a resource for organizations, universities and governmental entities. 

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Please watch this space for more information. Tell us if you are tracking any data in your office by gender. Let us know what programs you’ve seen make a difference. Help us make sure that everyone is invited to participate in innovation.

For more information on AUTM’s Women Inventors Committee, contact:
Jennifer Shockro