Website Committee

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The Website Committee is responsible for ensuring AUTM's website is providing the functionality needed to accomplish the association's goals. This includes day-to-day collection of feedback, planning, design and implementation of new content, features and systems to keep the site current and relevant.


Peter C. Gonczlik - Chair
University at Albany, SUNY
Christopher Alder - Committee Member
Wiggin & Dana LLP
Tanushree Chatterji - Committee Member
University of Houston
Roi Eisenkot - Committee Member
University of Washington CoMotion
Linda Kesselring - Committee Member
Emory University
Radhakrishnan Narayanan - Committee Member
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Danny J. Padys - Committee Member
Viksnins Harris Padys Malen LLP
Samantha M. Preisser - Committee Member
University of Texas Dallas
Karen Presley - Committee Member
Shyamala Rajagopalan - Committee Member
Texas A&M University System
Brian Shedd - Committee Member
Precision Technology Consulting