Staff Growth Quick Action Team

AUTM Members
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This Quick Action Team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of AUTM activities to identify future staffing needs. Specifically, this QAT will be responsible for identifying the new hires necessary over the next five years along with a recommendation to the Board of requisite qualifications and job scope for those new hires, whether AUTM employees or roles within the Kellen contract. This QAT will also be responsible for vetting the Chief Communications & Marketing Officer candidates.


Mary Albertson - Committee Member
Stanford University
Richard Chylla - Committee Member
Michigan State University
Rebecca R. Mahurin - Committee Member
Montana State University
Betsy Merrick - Committee Member
University of Texas at Austin Office of Technology Commercialization
Fred H. Reinhart - Committee Member
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Laura Savatski - Committee Member
BloodCenter of Wisconsin
David Winwood - Committee Member
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
James R. Zanewicz - Committee Member
Tulane University