Salary Survey Committee

AUTM Members
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The Salary Survey Committee produces a comprehensive overview of the current salary and compensation rates in the technology transfer community every two years. The committee provides AUTM members current data that can lead to a meaningful impact in their career and at their institution.


John Miner - Chair
University of Central Florida
Donna M. Barretto - Committee Member
Tufts University
Julien Brohan - Committee Member
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Marck-Arthur Clerveau - Committee Member
MedStar Institute for Innovation
Ajitha Deivasigamani - Committee Member
Rafael P. Diaz - Committee Member
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)
Samuel Linton - Committee Member
Rockefeller University
Wayne C. McDaniel - Committee Member
University of Missouri Columbia
Felicia Metz - Committee Member
University of Maryland
Kwaku Opoku - Committee Member
University of Toledo
David Wilhite - Committee Member
Indiana University Research & Technology Corporation