Leadership Forum Committee

AUTM Members
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The Leadership Forum Committee organizes the content, speakers and other elements of AUTM's high-level forum for seasoned technology transfer professionals from around the world.


James R. Zanewicz - Chair
Tulane University
Patrick Reed - Co-Chair
LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans
Jacob Johnson - Committee Member
Katharine Ku - Committee Member
Stanford University
Kirsten J. Leute - Committee Member
Osage University Partners
Rebecca R. Mahurin - Committee Member
Montana State University
Ian D. McClure - Committee Member
University of Kentucky
Holly Meadows - Committee Member
UAB Research Foundation
Clifford Michaels - Committee Member
Emory University
Michael Rondelli - Committee Member
University of North Texas
Sharon Semones - Committee Member
Eli Lilly & Co
Christopher Yochim - Committee Member
Easy Rider Stable Relationships