Board of Directors

AUTM Members
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The functions and responsibilities of the AUTM Board of Directors include advice and counsel to the President on all matters affecting the Association's activities; ongoing liaison with and annual review of committee activities; review and approval of the Association's major financial activities, including the annual budget; review and recommendation of new programs for the Association; nomination of candidates for Board positions; review and recommendation of changes in the Association's policies and procedures; and supervision of the Association's business affairs. Board Members also work with and provide oversight to committees as described by Association policy.


Alison Campbell - Chair
Knowledge Transfer Ireland
Richard Chylla - Chair-Elect
Michigan State University
Mary Albertson - Immediate Past President
Stanford University
Graham Morton - Treasurer
Joann MacMaster - Director-at-Large
University of Arizona
Rebecca R. Mahurin - Director-at-Large
Montana State University
Holly Meadows - Director-at-Large
UAB Research Foundation
Christopher Noble - Director-at-Large
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Kenneth W. Porter - Director-at-Large
Innovate Calgary
Laura Savatski - Director-at-Large
BloodCenter of Wisconsin
Marc Sedam - Director-at-Large
Sharon Semones - Director-at-Large
Eli Lilly & Co
Gayatri Varma - Director-at-Large