The following committees conduct much of AUTM's business week to week and year to year. Click on the committee names below to learn more.

AUTM Members
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Agreement Compliance Course

Jennifer Folger, Co-Chair
Amanda Ottaway, Co-Chair

Annual Meeting Program Committee

Stephen Snider, Chair

Audit Committee

Pauline M. Booth, Chair

AUTM Innovation Marketplace (AIM) Committee (AIM)

Katherine Moynihan, Co-Chair
Martin J. Son, Co-Chair

AUTM US Chamber Committee

Kevin Boggs, Chair

Better World Project Committee

Patrick Reynolds, Co-Chair

Burroughs Wellcome Career Training QAT

Business Development Course Task Force

Linara Axanova, Co-Chair
Joy Goswami, Co-Chair

Canadian Licensing Survey Committee

Canadian Region Planning Committee

Kenneth W. Porter, Chair
Darren Fast, Co-Chair
Michael Szarka, Co-Chair

Central Region Planning Committee

Sean Solberg, Chair

Compliance Course Committee

Sabrina Darnell, Co-Chair
Michele O'Shea, Co-Chair

Developing Economies Scholarship Committee

Rosemary Wolson, Chair

Eastern Region Planning Committee

John A. Zurawski, Chair

Essentials Course Planning Committee

Marie Kerbeshian, Chair

Finance Committee

Joy Goswami, Chair

Howard Bremer Scholarship Committee

Frances Galvin, Chair

Industry Advisory Group

Alisa Band, Chair

International Strategy Committee

David Ai, Chair

Investment Committee

Joy Goswami, Chair

IP Portfolio Management Course

Monya Dunlap, Co-Chair
Lee C. Heiman, Co-Chair

Leadership Forum Committee

James R. Zanewicz, Chair
Patrick Reed, Co-Chair

Licensing Activity Survey Committee

Ragan Robertson, Chair

Marketing Course Planning Committee

Paul Tumarkin, Chair

Membership Development Committee

Kevin Dietz, Chair

Mentorship Committee

Michael B. Dilling, Chair

Negotiations Course

Ray Wheatley, Chair

Online Professional Development Committee

Nidhi Sabharwal, Chair

Partnering Forum Planning Committee

Brian A. Wright, Chair

Public Policy Advisory Committee

Michael Waring, Chair

Public Policy Legal Task Force

Brion Berman, Chair

Recognition Week Committee

Chadwick L. Riggs, Chair

Salary Survey Committee

John Miner, Chair

Small Offices SIG

Software Course Planning Committee

Tara Branstad, Co-Chair
Andrew Morrow, Co-Chair

Startup Course Planning Committee

Strategic Communications Committee

Successful Practices in Small Technology Transfer Offices

Ellen MacKay, Co-Chair
Rodney S. Ridley, Co-Chair

Technology Transfer Practice Manual Committee

TOOLS Course Planning Committee

Stephen Auvil, Chair

Valuation Course Planning Committee

John M. Christie, Co-Chair
Andrew J. Maas, Co-Chair

Volunteerism Committee

Cassie Tran, Chair

Website Committee

Peter C. Gonczlik, Chair

Western Region Meeting Planning Committee

Stephen B. Barone, Co-Chair
Hannah D. Carbone, Co-Chair
Jennifer J. Lee, Co-Chair

Women Inventors Committee

Jennifer Shockro, Chair