2018 Elections


On November 6 we closed an historic Association election. Voter turnout reached a record high with more than twice as many members voting than in any prior election. Double. That’s really something. If you voted, we thank you for having a voice in your Association’s future.

Board of Directors

We’re delighted to announce that the following three candidates were elected to three-year terms as Directors:

Joann MacMaster

Laura Savatski

Sharon Semones



Voters also selected a new AUTM Treasurer:

Graham Morton

We want to thank all of the candidates who participated in the election and congratulate AUTM’s newest elected leaders, who will begin their terms at the conclusion of the 2018 Annual Business Meeting in Phoenix.

Proposed Name Change

Also on the ballot was an important question regarding a proposed Association name change. While a significant portion of our voting members — 29 percent — supported the Board’s recommendation to rename the Association, the measure did not pass.

The Association has received invaluable feedback from members on the proposal. And the message is clear: you want your Association’s name to be more inclusive — to represent our diverse membership — without giving up the value and goodwill AUTM has earned over the last 30 years.

To that end, we will remain AUTM and work to refresh the Association’s brand to reflect the evolution of our profession, which has moved well beyond core patent licensing and technology management activities. The Board remains committed to positioning the Association for the future, supporting the health and longevity of AUTM as a strong representative of us all.

There are many exciting things to come from AUTM in the next year: more partnering opportunities and expanded professional development and advocacy efforts, changes tailored to make you and the profession more successful.

We’ll share those details and other components of AUTM’s brand refresh with you in February at the Annual Meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!