Howard Bremer Scholarship

Launched in 2002, the Howard Bremer Scholarship is an annual scholarship program that supports students and emerging professionals pursuing a career in technology transfer. Named to honor our esteemed colleague, a pioneering AUTM member and past president of the association (1978–1979), the scholarship is awarded to those who—like Bremer— wish to bring creativity and innovation to the academic technology transfer profession.

2018 Recipients 

Sandra Cochrane
Tripta Dixit
Sarah Farr
Swati Dadhich-Mandal
John Nicosia

What Past Winners Say

" The Howard Bremer Scholarship, and attendance at the annual AUTM meeting, has absolutely helped shape my focus on technology transfer. I have applied the knowledge I gained in several ways, and I’ve been in touch with professionals I met there. I think the chance to hear and speak with seasoned experts from across the country provides a level of insight that is hard to match, and I was glad to take part.
The Howard Bremer Scholarship provided an amazing opportunity to accelerate my knowledge of technology transfer and expand my network at the premier venue for the industry."

— Brian Bender, 2016 Howard Bremer Scholar 


"I was thrilled to be recognized for innovative efforts that improve technology transfer processes. I continue to be involved in a number of initiatives to bring creativity to the field, including strengthening the connection between technology transfer professionals and scientists, enhancing technology transfer education for scientists, and incorporating new technology portals into our marketing campaigns. Being honored as a Howard Bremer Scholar inspires me to continue these efforts and to spread the word about improving technology transfer."

— Laura Prestia, 2016 Howard Bremer Scholar 


" As a Howard Bremer Scholar I have put more emphasis on bringing creativity, innovation and education to the forefront of our office. This includes examining different models of revenue generation, engagement of the campus community and looking at new ways to streamline services. Although technology transfer has matured since its conception, there is still a lot to learn in terms of engagement of academia and industry. Receiving the Howard Bremer Scholarship has inspired me to look at the field of technology transfer in a new light and strive to weave innovative and creative processes into helping move technologies forward."

— Artie Carlyle, 2015 Howard Bremer Scholar 


" As a scientist by training, I have always been interested in the translation of research discoveries into real-world applications. When I was first introduced to AUTM, I was very keen to learn more about technology transfer and had decided to volunteer with AUTM to contribute to the greater good of technology commercialization. Being awarded the AUTM Howard Bremer scholarship further reinforces my passion for academic-industrial partnership and to live up to the Howard Bremer legacy of advocating and enhancing technology transfer by incorporating novel findings by AUTM into my day-to-day responsibilities and promoting AUTM volunteerism to achieve its mission and goals."

— Norman Ong, 2016 Howard Bremer Scholar 


Scholarship Details

The Howard Bremer Scholarship program supports the travel and registration costs of up to five people to attend the AUTM Annual Meeting. The scholarship’s goal is to foster educational opportunities for individuals who are committed to the vision of technology transfer and are novices in the field. AUTM will select up to five scholars, who will receive:
  • Complimentary registration to the AUTM Annual Meeting
  • $500 honorarium
  • Travel support up to $1,300 to the AUTM Annual Meeting
  • Formal recognition at the AUTM Annual Meeting


Past Recipients

2017 Zeinab Abouissa
Saunders Ching
Rozzy Finn
Kenneth Karanja
Vishalakshi Krishnan
2016 Brian Bender
Dana M. Hutchison
Laura T. Prestia, PhD
Norman Kuok Teong Ong
Jennifer P. Richards
2015 Farnaz R. Bakhshi
Shannon Fraser
Cory Ungles Lago
Artie Carlyle Rogers
Dustin J. Shilling
2014 Ramika Bansi
Mrinmoy Chakrabarti
Masood Ahammed Machingal
Suguna Rachakonda
Qian Zhang
2013 Ramzi Asfour
Neil Bajpayee
Chalonda Handy
Mary Beth Hughes Campbell
Michelle Johnson

Linara Axanova
Derek Francis
Angela Garrison
Norell Hadzimichalis
Nisha Narayan


Amit Kumar
Jacob Rooksby
Brian Shedd
Kaitlyn Turo
Wendy Zimbone  


Ruth Ann Epling
Vijay Iyer
N'Goundo Magassa
Jeremy Nelson
Vinay Tannan


Darya Bubman
Susan Dollinger
Karl Fultz
Kathryn Nguyen
Michael  Perham  


Sabarni Chatterjee
Joy Goswami  
Mikael Herlevsen
Baidehi Mukherjee
Avni Rambhia


C. Kuyler Doyle
Peggy  Rematier
Natalia Agisheva
Vivek Ramakrishnan  


James  Hoberg
Tania Massa
Shoji  Takahashi
Judy Lille Tidwell
Pearlanne Zelarney 


Adam Falconer
Lisa Goble
Joel Goertz
Dipanjan Nag
Orakanoke Phanraksa 


Milton Lore
Gregory Schreiber
Alethea  Pounds
Sita Pappu

2003 Celika Caldwell
Frank Boschi