Developing Economies Scholarships Info

The Scholarships for New Technology Transfer Professionals from Developing Economies provides up to $4,000 (US) in travel and related support to enable the recipient to attend an AUTM sponsored or co-sponsored meeting or educational course in support of their professional development.

Deadline for applications extended to September 18, 2017.

About the Scholarships

The Scholarships for New Technology Transfer Professionals from Developing Economies are among the initiatives pursued by AUTM to enhance learning opportunities for new professionals. The scholarships are available to support the professional development of up to five (5) early career technology transfer professionals working in countries identified as developing economies1. The support from AUTM under the scholarship is to a maximum of $4,000 (US), with a requirement that the recipient’s home institution guarantees and contributes at least 20 percent of the total cost of the recipient’s attendance at the nominated course or event2. All eligible applicants must be new to the profession and come from not-for-profit institutions in eligible countries.

There is no limitation on the number of applications from either a single institution or country, and each application will be judged on its own merit. Selection generally will be based on a candidate’s application outlining their future potential contributions to the profession and their institution. Applications are also judged on the letter and financial support from their institution. Groups of applicants may describe special circumstances in the application, but AUTM may choose not to weigh those in its selection process.


Candidates for the New Technology Transfer Professionals from Developing Economies Scholarships must:

  1. Either hold an active membership in AUTM or include AUTM membership in the budget. If chosen, recipients must be AUTM members when the award is bestowed (membership information);1
  2. Be employed as a technology transfer professional working in an academic or not-for-profit institution in a qualifying country (researchers, policy makers or others studying to be technology transfer consultants or educators are not eligible);2
  3. Have less than two years of experience as a full time technology transfer professional; and
  4. Have a sufficient command of the English spoken language so that they will benefit from, and be able to participate at an AUTM meeting or course.


*Individuals must be either self-nominated or nominated by an active AUTM member using the application form and submitting the requested information.

Download Application and Instructions.


If you have questions about the Scholarships for New Technology Transfer Professionals from Developing Economies, contact Joanne Kubinski at or +1-847-686-2296.

1Applicants need not be members at the time of application, but if not members, then an AUTM membership must be included in the budget.

2 “Developing Economies” are those countries defined by the World Bank as emergent in level of economic activity or impact on the world economy. For a listing of countries from which applicants are eligible, review the application materials or view the list of Developing Economies here.