Volunteer Service Award

Beginning in 2012, AUTM recognizes the dedicated efforts of outstanding volunteers through the AUTM Service Awards. Volunteers can be recognized from any of our numerous committees under the following eight portfolios: advocacy, communications, finance, meetings, membership, metrics, professional development and international. All volunteers are eligible for these awards. Nominations are solicited annually and the awardees are recognized at the AUTM Annual Meeting.

(Left to right) Peter C. Gonczlik, Ragan Robertson, Patrick Reynolds, Graham Morton, Susan Patow, Kathleen Sohar, Kenneth W. Porter, Linda S. Kawano

2016 Recipients

Peter C. Gonczlik, MBA, BSIE, Communications & Marketing
Patrick Reynolds, Communications & Marketing
Ragan Robertson, PhD, Communications & Marketing
Graham Morton, RTTP, Finance
Sharmila Shearing, Professional Development
Linda S. Kawano, PhD, RTTP, Membership
Susan Patow, MBA, Meeting Development
Kenneth W. Porter, PhD, RTTP, Membership
Kathleen Sohar, PhD, Membership

2015 Recipients

Janna C. Tom, Advocacy
Hassan R. Naqvi, PhD, Annual Meeting
Lisa Matragrano, Communications and Marketing
Nikki J. Borman, Finance
Graham Morton, RTTP, Finance
Takafumi Yamamoto, Membership, Eastern Hemisphere
Kevin Dietz, PhD, Membership, Western Hemisphere
Catherine Geci, Metrics and Surveys
John M. Christie, Professional Development Programs

2014 Recipients 

Robert B. Hardy, JD, Advocacy
Gayatri Varma, PhD, Annual Meeting
Clifford Michaels, PhD, RTTP, Communications and Marketing
Paul C. B. Liu, PhD, Membership, Eastern Hemisphere 
Doug Aguilera, CPA, Finance 
Alan R. Bentley, Metrics and Surveys
Ashley J. Stevens, D.Phil. (Oxon), CLP, RTTP, Metrics and Surveys
Laura McKnight, RTTP, Professional Development
Baidehi Luna Mukherjee, PhD, MBA, RTTP, Membership, Western Hemisphere

2013 Recipients 

Peter Gonczlik, MBA, BSIE, Communications and Marketing
Amy Goot, Finance
Sarah Howe, Membership
John Miner, Metrics and Surveys
John Molloy, MBA, AUTM in Canada
Christopher Noble, RTTP, Professional Development
Stephen Snider, Annual Meeting
John Zurawski, Strategic Alliances

2012 Recipients

Claire T. Driscoll, Annual Meeting
Eric W. Guttag, Advocacy
Khera L. Douglass, Professional Development
Laura McKnight, RTTP, Professional Development
Nikki J. Borman, Communications and Marketing
Stephen G. Harsy, PhD, Metrics and Surveys
Charles C. Valauskas, Esq., JD LLM, Region Meetings
John A. Micah, Membership Committee
John T. Perchorowicz, PhD, RTTP, Finance