Making a Better World

The primary objective of academic technology transfer professionals is to enable the development and commercialization of academic research findings, ensuring research ultimately reaches and benefits the public. Many benefits - such as educational advancements for students and contributions to the academic research enterprise - are not immediately visible in the media or the marketplace, AUTM highlights myriad product developments that are attributable directly to academic technology transfer efforts. We invite you to learn more about products and some of the exciting stories behind successful technology transfer efforts.


The Better World Project

We have a story to tell. In fact, we have hundreds of them. The stories are about people whose lives have changed for the better. They are stories about the world around us, and how it is becoming a healthier and safer place. AUTM members manage the transfer of discoveries resulting from academic research to companies that transform these intricate technologies into viable products for the world far beyond the boundaries of the campus. Visit the AUTM Better World Project website to read these inspiring stories. If you'd like to get involved in the Better World Project you can do so by submitting a story or by becoming a sponsor. View the Better World videos on AUTM's YouTube Channel.

The Bayh-Dole Act 

Enacted on December 12, 1980, the Bayh-Dole Act created a uniform patent policy among the many federal agencies that fund research, enabling small businesses and non-profit organizations, including universities, to retain title to inventions made under federally-funded research programs. Click here to learn more about the Bayh-Dole Act and to discover the tangible impact the legislation has had over the past 30 years.

Important Innovations That Came From University Research

Some might poke fun at academic research or doubt the necessity of it, but the reality is that the products of university research impact our lives on a daily basis, often in ways we don’t even realize. Learn more.