Sample Agreements

Looking to update your policy? Draft an agreement? Browse AUTM’s collection of policies and agreements—available to AUTM members only—to see examples of a variety of documents from a range of different institutions.

More information about invention disclosure forms and agreements can be found in the AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual.

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Intellectual Property-Related Employment Agreements

Bigelow: New Hires and Visiting Scholars

Bigelow: Acknowledgment and Release

Bigelow: Visiting Scholar Participation

Bigelow: Current Employees

Bigelow: Preexisting Obligations

Inter-Institutional Agreements

Hospital A: Collaboration Before an Invention Is Made

Dartmouth College

Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices

University of Rochester

Emory University

Invention Disclosure Forms

University of Chicago 

The University of New Mexico 

The Texas A&M System 

Hospital A

Southern Illinois University

Patent Assignment Agreements

Auburn University

The University of Virginia

The Pennsylvania State University 

University of Rochester: Intellectual Property Assignment

Hospital B

Patent Assignment Agreements: Returning IP Rights to Faculty Inventors

University A

Confidentiality Agreements: One Way

Johns Hopkins


Hospital A

University of Rochester

Southern Illinois University: Incoming

Southern Illinois University: Outgoing

Confidentiality Agreements: Two Way

University of Pittsburgh

Hospital A

Dartmouth College

University of Rochester

Johns Hopkins

Southern Illinois University:  

Southern Illinois University: Material Transfer Agreement

Material Transfer Agreements

Brown University: Outgoing 

Hospital A: Academic

Hospital A: Mice

Hospital A: Patient Samples

Hospital A: Electronic

Dartmouth College: Nonprofit

Dartmouth College: For Profit

University of Rochester: For International Academic Institution or For-Profit Entity

University of Rochester: Simple Letter Agreement

University of Rochester: UBMTA Implementing Letter

Emory University

Southern Illinois University: Mutual Confidentiality

Southern Illinois University: Outgoing

Term Sheets

Hospital A: Exclusive License Diagnostic

Hospital A: Exclusive License Drug

License Agreements


Hospital A: Internal Research License Nonexclusive

Dartmouth College Exclusive

MIT: Exclusive

MIT: Nonexclusive

University of Michigan

University of Pittsburgh: Exclusive

University of Rochester: Exclusive

University of Rochester: Nonexclusive Patent License

Emory University: Evaluation

Option Agreements  


Dartmouth College

University of Pittsburgh

University of Rochester

Emory University

Equity Agreements 

Stanford: Exclusive

MIT: Exclusive

Sponsored Research Agreements

Hospital A

University of Rochester

University of Rochester: Consulting Agreement

University of Rochester: Collaborative Research Agreement


Spin-Out Company Agreements
For examples of spinout company agreements and other information, see “Documents for Spinouts and New Ventures” in the 3rd edition of the AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual.

Terms-of-Use Disclaimer
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