Technology Transfer Resources

The AUTM Bookshelf

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Model IIA

Model Inter-Institutional Agreement (2013)

Model Preliminary Patent Management Agreement (2013)

User Guide to Model IIA and Model PPMA (2013)

Principles and Guidelines

Global Health Initiative

AUTM Global Health Toolkit

Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology

Initiatives and Partnerships

Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery Program (PD2)

USPTO/AUTM Patent Examiners Training Initiative

Laws and Regulations

Bayh-Dole Act

Export Controls

Publicity and Privacy 

Materials Transfer Agreements and Research Tools

Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement (UBMTA)

UBMTA Federal Register Materials

UBMTA Master Agreement

UBMTA Implementing Letter

UBMTA Signatories

Industry-University Uniform Biological Materials Transfer Agreement

NIH Research Tools and Guidelines

Principles and Guidelines for Sharing of Biomedical Resources 

NIH Model Organism Sharing Policy

NIH Data Sharing Policy

National Institutes of Health Simple Letter Agreement (NIH SLA)

Sample Agreements & Policies

Looking to update your policy? Draft an agreement? Browse AUTM’s collection of policies and agreements—available to AUTM members only—to see examples of a variety of documents from a range of different institutions.

Note that more information about invention disclosure forms and agreements can be found in the AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual.

Valuation Resources

Valuate Manual (Adobe PDF File)
Valuate 2000 (Excel File)
ValBio 2000 (Excel File)