2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Empower Membership: AUTM members will have the knowledge, tools, connections, and training they need to be successful.
Strategy 1A: Develop and provide resources and support for every career stage, across all organization sizes and types, with a diversity of subject matter.
Strategy 1B: Create, grow and cultivate AUTM’s Body of Knowledge.
Strategy 1C: Deliberately evolve AUTM products, tools, and services to ensure relevance to members and stakeholders.
Strategy 1D: Improve accessibility of resources.

Goal 2: Promote the Value Across the Breadth of Technology Transfer: Stakeholders will support the advancement of Technology Transfer because they understand it and its value to society.
Strategy 2A: Execute a unified strategic communications plan for internal and external stakeholders to ensure awareness and a positive brand image of AUTM.
Strategy 2B: Leverage relationships with stakeholder groups to improve the understanding of the societal benefit and economic impact across the breadth of technology transfer. 
Strategy 2C: Broaden the definition of success across the breadth of contemporary technology transfer.
Strategy 2D: Increase understanding and support of the role of technology transfer among senior university administrators, policy makers, and the general public.
Strategy 2E: Promote the value of professional recognition and credentials.

Goal 3: Advocate: AUTM will support initiatives worldwide that contribute to a favorable environment 
for technology transfer.
Strategy 3A: Ensure the integrity of enabling legislation, such as the Bayh-Dole Act.
Strategy 3B: Contribute to the robustness of intellectual property systems.
Strategy 3C: Facilitate engagement in policy development.
Strategy 3D: Collaborate with organizations focusing on shared issues.

Goal 4: Grow and Diversify: AUTM will remain relevant and sustainable.
Strategy 4A: Engage with industry to add value to Goals 1, 2 and 3.
Strategy 4B: Expand partnerships with organizations that complement AUTM’s mission and that add value to Goals 1, 2 and 3.
Strategy 4C: Broaden AUTM’s sources of revenue to ensure a strong and stable organization.

Download 2018-2020 Strategic Plan (Goals and Strategies Amended February 2018)