Interview AUTM

If you're a reporter and you would like to interview someone from AUTM, contact Paul Stark at +1-847-626-2361. Please state the name of your publication, what your article is about and provide your deadline.

Only the AUTM president may speak on behalf of AUTM. AUTM appoints a new president each year. The AUTM president serves a one year term as a volunteer while simultaneously holding a full time technology transfer position.

You may also request copies of AUTM survey data and/or guest access to AUTM's statistics database, STATT-- a searchable, exportable database of 20 years of academic licensing data collected by AUTM from participating academic institutions.

Just let us know what type of information you seek, and we'd be happy to help.

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AUTM Licensing Survey

Highlights of AUTM's sought-after report were published September 9. If you would like to view information by university, contact AUTM. 

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