Balancing Stakeholders' Interests

Our industry - academic technology commercialization - has undergone increased scrutiny over the past few years, particularly with respect to roles, responsibilities and outcomes associated with the commercialization process.  Academic inventors have a vested interest in successful execution of the commercialization process, as do their employers – academic institutions that invest in basic research and its commercialization.  The public likewise has an interest in the process, as successful commercialization activities lead to new products, therapies and other advancements that benefit mankind. 

AUTM has undertaken the task of recognizing the various interests of stakeholders in academic commercialization process, and has advanced the concept of quantifying the expectations each party vested in the process may reasonably hold by establishing the AUTM Guidelines for Balancing Stakeholders’ Interests. The guidelines seek to define and balance these varied and sometimes only partially aligned interests. Read more.