Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP)

ATTP Mission

ATTP's mission is to unify, educate and strengthen the worldwide body of early-career, mid-career and senior practitioners in our industry, and support them in moving technology from research to the marketplace. For more information on ATTP, visit today.

ATTP Associations

ATTP comprises members of nine technology associations: the founding associations — ASTP-Proton, AUTM, KCA, and PraxisAuril — and the associations that have since joined: ISTA, Redtransfer, SARIMA, SNITTS, Society for Technology Management (STEM), TechnologieAllianz, UNITT and ÜSİMP.

Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP)

The RTTP designation tells employers, colleagues and others in our industry that you have demonstrated core competencies and are responsible for significant achievements and contributions in the field of technology transfer.

RTTP status says you have acquired, through training and practical experience, highly valuable technology transfer skills and knowledge. RTTP affirms that you’re a mentor and deal maker with a rich network of well-placed colleagues across multiple disciplines. RTTP means demonstrated competence, integrity, vision, versatility, and negotiation skills. An RTTP certification invites career advancement, a higher income, and coveted roles in shepherding key university-bred technologies into the marketplace, to the benefit of society and all parties involved in the process.

Another strong reason the RTTP designation is so valuable is the quality, diversity, consistency and relevance of the technology transfer training events offered by Alliance partner associations. ATTP thoroughly reviews all training events before they are awarded Continuing Education points. The process entails a site visit for all new service providers, including member associations, as well as reviewing the training event program, presenters and material against a range of criteria.

The next deadline to submit your RTTP application is July 20, 2018. Submit your application now.

Candidate Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP)

Candidate RTTP is a new designation that allows entrants to the profession to signal that they have committed to a pathway of training and development leading to the award of full RTTP status. It indicates to employers that they are serious about their career and aspire to meet the highest standards. They may use the designation ‘Candidate RTTP’ after their name.

It is normally expected that Candidate RTTP designation will be sought approximately 6 months into their post (typically at the halfway point of a probation period) by which time the Candidate and their manager will be able to judge their suitability and commitment to the Pathway. As with the full RTTP designation, there are three requirements: KE/KT/TT experience, KE/KT/TT skills, and KE/KT/TT achievement. All three requirements can be completed using the online form.

The next deadline to submit your Candidate RTTP application is July 20, 2018Submit your application now.


The number of professionals achieving RTTP designation continues to grow. ATTP recently expanded opportunities to present RTTP credit courses to more than the Alliance’s member associations. The number of national associations meeting a recognized professional standard also grew this year as ATTP welcomed USIMP to the Alliance bringing the rapidly growing community of Turkish tech transfer professionals into the ATTP fold. Learn more > > >