AUTM 2013 Membership Appreciation Program


Because your support of AUTM is ongoing, so is our appreciation.

With more than 3,000 members in 56 countries and six continents, AUTM is THE organization that connects technology transfer professionals and provides networking, education, data, practical tools and more.

To recognize and reward organizations that encourage their technology transfer professionals to become members, AUTM is pleased to announce its 2013 Member Appreciation Program.

What is it?

Any organization that signs up more AUTM members in 2013 than it had in 2012 will receive a promotional discount code, valued at $142.50, for each new member over and above the organization’s 2012 membership total.

Here's how it works:

Example 1 – One new member

Acme University had three AUTM members in 2012. For the 2013 membership renewal, four employees of Acme University joined AUTM. After the fourth person joined, Acme University's director of technology transfer received a discount code for $142.50. The director decided to apply this discount code towards her AUTM Annual Meeting registration. 

Example 2 – Two new members

Generic University had two AUTM members in 2012. During the 2013 renewal, four employees joined AUTM. The first two renewed their membership as usual. When the third employee joined, the director of Generic University's technology transfer office received a $142.50 discount code. He then used that code to sign up Generic University's fourth member. After that membership was processed, he received a second discount code, which he used toward a region meeting registration.

More AUTM members mean more financial and professional rewards for any organization!

Every AUTM membership purchased on or before Sept. 30, 2013, counts towards an organization’s 2013 membership total. However, only those memberships, above the organization’s 2012 membership total, will be issued a promotional discount code valued at $142.50. 

Discount codes may be applied to the purchase of an additional AUTM membership, participation in any AUTM webinar/event, or the AUTM Annual Meeting. They may also be applied to the online purchase of any AUTM product, including publications, surveys, webinar recordings and more.

The Not So Small Print:

  • A $142.50 discount code will be issued for each membership above the number of memberships an organization registered in 2012.
  • Discount codes are awarded only on memberships that have been purchased online. Visit the online AUTM Membership Center to renew existing memberships or to establish new memberships to grow your organization’s total membership beyond its 2012 total.
  • To redeem a discount code, visit the AUTM website and enter the code in the “Promotion Code” field of the checkout/payment section. Discount codes are only accepted for online purchases.

How to Renew Your Membership or Sign-up Colleagues:

Renewing an AUTM membership or helping a colleague join is easy. Simply visit the online AUTM Membership Center. And remember, you must renew or establish memberships online to take advantage of AUTM’s 2013 Membership Appreciation Program.


Terms and Conditions
Discount codes are only awarded when a membership is purchased online and results in the organization exceeding its total 2012 membership. Offer excludes student and electronic memberships. The discount code will be emailed to the office director and is not transferable to another organization. The code will be valid for one year from the date of issue and may be used for online purchases only. The discount cannot be combined with other discounts, cannot be applied retroactively, and may only be used once. Other terms and conditions may apply.