Track G

G8 Top Marketing Techniques to Move Technologies into the Negotiation Stage

Track: Licensing Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

Viqar Hussain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bob Bondaryk, Ximbio
Carole Burns, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures
Kellin Krick, Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

This session will help you maximize your marketing efforts by applying proven strategies to move your technologies from the marketing phase into license negotiations. We’ll discuss the top five marketing tactics that generate the most responses from potential licensees. These include complex techniques, such as utilizing industry mergers and acquisition trends and leveraging past deals, as well as simple techniques such as organizing email content.
Translating research into something useful to society can be full of challenges. Licensing associates are expected to understand the technology and translate research into commercializable products. In essence, licensing associates are expected to identify a path for revenue generation and align the technology with the licensee’s business model. The first step in satisfying those expectations requires licensing associates to streamline their marketing strategies, and those successful marketing tactics will generate higher response rates and increase the number of potential licensees.

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