Track G

G7 Alumni Investor Networks

Track: Startups and Gap Funding

Target Audience: Intermediate

Kelly Sexton, University of Michigan

Wade Fulghum, North Carolina State University
John Glushik, Duke Angel Network
Michael Kline, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

As venture capital moves further downstream in identifying companies for investment, angel investors are increasingly stepping up to fill the early stage funding void. The rise of angel networks presents a unique opportunity for universities, whose alumni often contain numerous accredited investors with an affinity for their alma mater and a desire to engage with the university in a way that supports entrepreneurship and creates opportunities for creating an equity investment portfolio. To capitalize on the growing sophistication of angel investors, improved early stage investment vehicles, and the increasing entrepreneurial activity both on campuses and among our alumni, many universities are either creating alumni angel investor networks directly or working with alumni investor networks that have formed independent of the institution. This panel will cover the distinctions between these models and highlight the role of technology transfer in supporting and working with these networks. The panel will also address university “sidecar funds” to support these networks.

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