Track F

F9 The Prickly Points of License Termination

Track: Licensing Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

Andrew Watson, Oregon Health & Science University

Frank Curci, Ater Wynne LLP
Carlos Encinas, Arizona State University
Ron Epperson, Intellectual Energy, LLC

When discussing licensing arrangements, people tend to focus on the deal terms, including the grant scope and financial terms. While these provisions are clearly important, licensing professionals may pay less attention to termination clauses, when and how licenses can be terminated, how termination clauses can impact valuation, how it affects intellectual property strategy, and other consequences flowing from the termination. In this session, experienced licensing professionals from academia, industry and law will address several challenges and critical items you may encounter and should be mindful of when negotiating provisions affected by the license termination. You’ll also learn the key considerations for licensors and licensees should one of these parties act upon its termination right. The panel will use real-life examples. Bring your termination stories and questions.

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