Track F

F5 Creative Models to De-risk Early Stage Biomedical Technology Development

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: All Audiences

Lewis Stark, Prager Metis CPAs, LLC

Kaushik Ghoshal, BioMotiv
Karen Heidelberger, Deerfield Management
Clinton Rubin, Stony Brook University

Transforming scientific discoveries from academia into products and solutions that benefit society is a common vision driving technology transfer! Unfortunately there are numerous risks and challenges to overcome, especially in the early stages of development. How can academia reduce these risks in order to continue and expand development while attracting commercial interest? Where and how can universities access the necessary resources, expertise and capital to advance its technology and create commercial opportunities? This session will highlight unique models and organizations that are helping universities overcome these issues. Explore what’s working, what isn’t, and the best practices that are emerging to enable more academic innovation and the commercialization thereof.

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