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F4 There Are No Fairy Godmothers: The Realities of Operational Cleanup

Track: Other

Target Audience: Advanced

Jennifer Folger, Michigan State University

Rich Chylla, Michigan State University

Directors, are you frustrated with slow record cleanup efforts? Are you able to assess work to be completed? Do you wonder why it still isn’t finished?
Operations staff, are you concerned about expectations for getting records cleaned? Are you able to communicate your challenges? Do you need help to explain why you aren’t done yet?
We all know the benefits of clear communication, detailed records and robust transactional histories. We also know there are serious challenges from both management and operational sides to move beyond data black holes and get records organized.
Join our pairs of directors and operations staff members to get your questions answered. We’ll cover the challenges of quantifying the work to be done and tracking progress; required resources and costs; balancing cleanup operations with daily office operatons; managing expectations within your organization; the order of operations; employing temporary help vs. permanent staff; and safeguarding future reliability.

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