Track E

E6 Internal Marketing: Awakening the Sleeping Giant

Track: Marketing Successful Practices

Target Audience: All Audiences

Edward Diehl, Medical College of Wisconsin

Alana Fernandez, LSU AgCenter
Nichole Mercier, Washington University in St. Louis

External marketing of intellectual property (IP) has evolved over the years and has been discussed in many AUTM venues. However, internal marketing continues to be a significant challenge. Fundamental IP development issues (disclosure, confidential disclosure agreements, etc.) are understood by a minority of the faculty, staff and students involved in the identification and development of IP for licensing and startup opportunities. Creating strategies to promote understanding of these issues increases the number of quality disclosures from newer faculty, as well as more senior faculty members who suddenly find themselves with a product concept. Teaching potential inventors that a new product can take the form of a new reagent or product improvement also results in more disclosures and sponsored research projects. Promoting awareness of the role of technology offices to noninventors, especially administrators, has implications for funding and additional internal outreach opportunities. Join this discussion to learn about successful internal marketing programs and leave empowered to strengthen your own programs.

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