Track E

E1 Presidential Series
Who Are We, What Are We Doing and Where Are We Going?

Track: IP Trends and Successful Practices

Target Audience: Advanced

Lou Berneman, Osage University Partners

Kathleen Denis, Rockefeller University
Fred Farina, California Institute of Technology
Robin Rasor, Duke University
Todd Sherer, Emory University
Jon Soderstrom, Yale University

A distinguished group of AUTM past presidents will tackle some of the most vexing challenges faced by technology transfer offices (TTOs). Join the lively discussion as the panel addresses myriad topics, including: measuring the impact of proof-of-concept funding; the rise of university seed funds; startup assistance programs; licensing patented and unpatented software to startups; licensing to startups financed and located in China; crowdfunding for startups; lessons learned working with venture mentoring programs, accelerators and incubators; TTO budgets for staff, operations and patents; and the evolution of technology transfer with new services provided by research institutions to mitigate risk, develop embryonic technologies, and identify, create, staff, launch and finance startups.

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