Track D

D8 Developing Holistic Alliances: What Is “The New Normal” in Academic-Industry Relationships?

Track: Industry/Academic Partnerships

Target Audience: Intermediate

James Zanewicz, Tulane University

Cristine Cooper, Oculus
Rohit Israni, Intel Corporation
Pavel Khrimian, MedImmune
Han Lim, Atomwise

When industry experts across different sectors engage with academic institutions we can observe both common themes and some key differences.  Understanding the needs of each type of industry partner will help you develop the ideal environment for collaboration, and hearing real-world success stories and lessons learned will provide valuable “take-away” information.  Basic key concepts will be provided in a moderated panel format, which then opens up to an interactive experience – where you can ask YOUR questions and get specific feedback on any challenges faced in your collaborations from the industry experts themselves.  Questions could range from detailed issues (i.e., licensing, partnering agreement terms, sponsored research) to broader strategic alliance concepts – and will include learning how our industry colleagues are evaluated in their positions, so we can help each other be as successful as possible.

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