Track D

D4 Fill the Gap: Staffing Up with Volunteers

Track: Other

Target Audience: Intermediate

Joseph Wright, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Marina Blinova, Columbia Technology Ventures
Corine Farewell, University of Vermont
Spencer Walker, University of Utah

Technology transfer offices (TTOs) have historically been understaffed, and in many cases underresourced. As a result, many TTOs recruit volunteers to help. They may include undergraduate interns, law students, MBA students, engineering and science graduate students, members of industrial advisory boards, successful alumni and entrepreneurs-in-residence. We’ll discuss where to find those who can best be recruited and the types of work they perform. We will highlight the success of institutions (large and small) that have been creative in attracting and leveraging volunteers, and will engage all attendees in sharing best practices and lessons learned. You’ll come away with a survey of programs and processes that best use volunteers, and an appreciation of how to apply those practices in your own TTO.

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