Track D

D1 Presidential Series
Life After Death

Track: IP Trends and Successful Practices

Target Audience: Advanced

Ashley Stevens, Focus IP Group, LLC

John Fraser, Burnside Development & Associates LLC
Alicia Loffler, Northwestern University
Bryce Pilz, University of Michigan

The good news is that one of your inventions is going to make it to market and be big. Royalties will flow. But how does this change the culture within the institution? Does it suddenly become about the money when previously it was about faculty service and public benefit? And what happens as patent expiration approaches and the good times are about to end? Do you monetize and take one enormous, game-changing hit? The questions abound: “What have you done for me lately?” “What do you mean, there’s no follow-on?” How do you prepare the institution for this? Or do you just retire and let someone else deal with the fallout? We’ll discuss the options.

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