Track C

C9 European Unitary Patent: Targeting a Large Market

Track: Global Issues

Target Audience: All Audiences

Marjut Lattu-Hietamies, Berggren Oy

Joy Goswami, University of Delaware
Sebastian Tegethoff, 24IP Law Group
Outi Virtaharju, Berggren Oy

The European Patent Office provides a centralized process for patent applications, but maintenance fees and enforcement increase the patenting costs. Europe is looking to change this with a new Unitary European Patent. We’ll discuss how, for a patent holder, this significantly simplifies the process by removing the need for country-by-country patents and enforcement. Instead of the earlier bundle of national patents, Europe will have a single patent, renewal fee, ownership, object of property and court (the Unified Patent Court). Most importantly, it will be possible to license rights for a part or the whole of the unitary territory. This is likely to increase licensing opportunities in Europe.

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