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B4 So You Want to Be (or Hire) an Expert Witness

Track: Other

Target Audience: Advanced

Nathaniel Bualat, Crowell & Moring LLP

Louis Berneman, Texelerate, LLC
Gregory Call, Crowell & Moring LLP
Jon Soderstrom, Yale University

Expert witnesses can play an important role in university technology transfer disputes. Experts might testify about estimated damages, explain what would have occurred if the parties had negotiated a resolution, opine on the industry understanding of certain contract provisions, and explain the technology transfer process. We’ll address key questions about experts: What do people look for in an expert? How do you become an expert witness? What are the rules regarding the use of experts? What can experts testify about? How is an expert opinion developed? We’ll also discuss what being an expert is like, including the uniqueness of each case, what people learn from the experience and how to manage being an expert with other technology transfer obligations.

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