Track A

A7 Using Sponsored Research to Bridge the Licensing Gap

Track: Licensing Successful Practices

Target Audience: Intermediate

Danielle McCulloch, Fuentek, LLC

Pauline Callinan, MedImmune
Brian Kraft, Washington State University
Todd Sherer, Emory University

We’ll cover how to use sponsored research agreements (SRAs) to get “unstuck” when a company expresses interest in a technology but isn’t ready to sign a license. When companies fund successful R&D advances (e.g., prototyping, testing, scalability demonstrations), they are more likely to license the end technology. This bridges the gap without having to tap into the university’s gap fund. We’ll focus on some of the traditional obstacles (such as organizational structures that separate licensing personnel from sponsored research departments) and how to overcome them formally (e.g., restructuring) or informally (enhanced interdepartment communication and cooperation). We will also discuss how to identify which technologies and inventors are well-suited to this approach. Whether your job focus is on licenses or SRAs, this session will give you practical strategies to implement when you return to the office.

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