Track A

A10 Attacked from All Sides: Fighting for Technology Transfer

Track: Advocacy and Internal Communications

Target Audience: All Audiences

Jennifer Gottwald, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Joe Allen
Lori Pressman
Leef Smith-Barnes, AUTM

Technology transfer is built on a foundation of many supports. Our ability to shepherd the development of ideas into useful products depends on: funding for basic research, strong patent law, engaged professors and university administrators, clear government policies like Bayh-Dole, investment capital, industry partners able to sell their products for a fair profit, and much more. These supports face serious challenges. Recent examples include looking to Bayh-Dole to control drug pricing. We all need to be telling the story of how successful technology transfer happens, remembering to emphasize the roles of all partners involved. In this session well discuss current technology transfer issues and suggest ways that we all can share our passion for technology transfer through stories and statistics. Most importantly, well learn how we can defend, preserve, and grow the system which has contributed so much to public wellbeing. Well have plenty of time for audience interaction.

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