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Demystifying I-Corps for Technology Transfer

Sunday, February 18
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

Limited to 75 participants - register early!
To date, the I-Corps program has helped hundreds of university teams identify viable opportunities for commercialization.  The outcomes attained from I-Corps are enabling stronger relationships with faculty and reducing the friction in getting technologies out the door.  Some technology transfer offices have adopted new licensing models to accelerate the process.  I-Corps methodologies in customer discovery and unearthing the technology's value proposition are also aiding in the intake and evaluation process.  This course offers an overview of the I-Corps program, strategies for mapping I-Corps into the technology transfer office, and best practices for licensing and support for teams pre- and post- I-Corps. Learn more > > >

AUTM Marketing CourseSM

Sunday, February 18
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

Although marketing takes many forms from one licensing office to the next, it is always an essential element of every successful technology licensing operation. Some offices are fortunate enough to have trained marketing professionals dedicated to this function. Most do not. Regardless of resources, the goal for this course is to present an overview of marketing concepts and ideas so you can gain a better understanding of how these concepts can be successfully implemented in your office to enhance your overall effectiveness. The AUTM Marketing Course, a full-day educational event that will focus on key marketing concepts with heavy emphasis on “value proposition,” market research and branding. Seating is limited, so sign up early. Learn more > > >

AUTM Technology Valuation CourseSM         

Sunday, February 18
7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The AUTM Technology Valuation Course offers the fundamentals of technology valuation as specifically applied to academic licensing. The first half of the course examines basic concepts such as valuation versus pricing and risk and then covers a series of basic valuation methodologies, including cost, industry standards (comparables), rules of thumb, discounted cash flow and equity. The first segment concludes with a review of payment structures within a license. 

The second half of the course consists of two case studies derived from real world examples. The class will be divided into groups which will develop license term proposals for the two technologies, which will then be discussed by the class. If you have or will have responsibility for negotiating licenses, the AUTM Valuation Course is for you. You should have a basic familiarity with the structure and payment mechanisms used in a license and be proficient in web searching and Excel spreadsheets.  As a prerequisite to the course, attendees will have access to the Technology Valuation 4-part Series Webinar Package, a $525 value.  Learn more > > >

AUTM Negotiation CourseSM

Tuesday, February 20
12:30 – 5 p.m.

Make the most out of your participation in the AUTM Annual Meeting by attending the AUTM Negotiation Course. This educational course is a must-attend for anyone involved in negotiations. The course will explore the art of negotiation with an emphasis on the practical tools and strategies essential for conducting successful negotiations. 
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