Track H

H9 Crafting Value IP for Startups Should Focus on Quality over Quantity

Track: Startups and Gap Funding

Target Audience: All Audiences

Rebecca McFadyen, Akerman LLP

Edward R. Gates, Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.
Jim O'Connell, University of Miami
Wendy A. Zimbone, Talem IP

Startups know they need intellectual property (IP), but too often take the wrong approach. They rush to get IP coverage assuming they cannot afford to spend time or money on IP strategy so early in the game. Yet, developing an IP strategy is vitally important in helping startups avoid wasting money on IP that does not generate significant value. IP strategy can also fortify their position in industry, creating long-term enforceable value for the company and its investors. This session offers an overview of common pitfalls when seeking IP protection for an early stage company. Protection strategies for products and channels of business development will be outlined. The session will also review specific challenges related to both tech and biotech startups and will discuss carving out patent claims for specific applications as well as platform technologies with the potential to be licensed out.

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