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SIG14 Healthcare IT - You Can't Escape It

Track: Other

Target Audience: All Audiences

Eric Buffkin, etectRx Inc
George Gordon, Anthem Ventures, LLC
Jonathan Jensen, Indigo Ag


The convergence of Healthcare and IT (HIT) continues at light speed, bolstered by trends in major electronic medical record implementations, population health, personalized medicine, platform and device interoperability, accountable/outcome based care, machine learning, big data from genomics, telehealth and the "internet of me." Soon every therapy and service delivered in healthcare will have an IT component to it. Gone are the days when software could be carved off to the side. Understanding how to deal with HIT innovations is now an important skill set. In this dynamic session, attendees will build their own agenda in an unConference style format by brainstorming relevant topics, voting on them, and then discussing the top ideas. Each member contributes his or her knowledge to the conversation, the sum of which is far greater than any individual expert. There will be ample time to network among colleagues as well. Bring a stack of business cards and be prepared for a lively discussion leaving all better prepared to deal with HIT innovations.

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