Track F

F7 Communication Skills for Licensing Professionals

Track: Nuts and Bolts of Technology Transfer

Target Audience: All Audiences

Julie Watson, Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

Linara Axanova, University of Pennsylvania
John Christie, Tulane University
Leef Smith-Barnes, AUTM

There is no doubt that communication skills are one of the most critical skills for a licensing professional. Ineffective communication has ruined many deals and opportunities while effective communication aids with constructive problem solving and decision-making. A licensing professional has to be able to speak and quickly interpret scientific, patenting, and business languages while preserving the accurateness of the information. In this session we will talk about verbal and non-verbal types of communication as applied to the world of academic technology transfer and corporate business development. We will also discuss a skill that is often taken for granted - effective and active listening - a skill that can be easily improved on with a conscious effort. This session will provide guidelines on how to assess the level of your personal communication skills and most importantly how to improve your communication skills. We will discuss most common personality types that licensing professionals have to face and the best way to build a rapport with them. It’s never too late or too early to work on your communication skills, join us for a session targeted specifically to communication in the technology licensing field.


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