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F10 IP Improv Presents: The Professor-Researcher Facing Challenges of Startups and the Board

Track: Other

Target Audience: All Audiences

Matthew C. McNeill, Rite-Hite Holding Corp.

Wesley D. Blakeslee, Blakeslee LLC. Consulting and Legal
Jennifer R. Gottwald, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF)
Joseph T. Miotke, DeWitt Rose & Stevens SC
Brian P. O'Shaughnessy, RatnerPrestia/LES

IP Improv Theater (with our talented volunteer actors and actresses) returns to act out the challenges, responses and missteps when an inventor-researcher decides to become CEO of his/her startup. How tough can business be? The board members are mostly investors. Don't they want the business to succeed? Join us for the twists and turns of commercializing inventions. Dr. Ickabod (Matthew McNeill) thinks he can do anything and that business is for dummies. His investors include Joe Miotke and Wes Blakeslee. Now that they have money in the game, the investors think they should get more say in the business than Dr. Ickabod. They have made real money so are they not smarter than he? Brian O'Shaughnessy (Chair of LES) will add perspective, challenge and humor in a role that will be disclosed as we walk into a meeting of the Board.  Jennifer Gottwald is the Tech Transfer Director trying to manage Dr. Ickabod for the University. What, if any, role the Doctor is still able to play in the University is yet to be decided. In any case, he will be in frequent contact with former post-docs, grad students and all the rest. You can be sure he will make a mess of work-in-progress at the University.  Big Pharma is in the mix, trying to commercialize Dr. Ickabod's invention. Join the enthusiastic LES (USA & Canada) crew as they give you another look at real life of commercializing inventions. The best part of this is you will not be held accountable at the end of the year for the outcome.

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